My MSN: Help keep your account secure

We want you to feel confident that your Windows Live ID and your account on My MSN are safe and secure. To help ensure that nobody except you can access your Windows Live ID, we recommend that you change your password every few months.

  1. Sign in to the Windows Live Account website with your Windows Live ID.

  2. Next to Password, click Change.

  3. Type your old password, then type and confirm a new password. Use the following guidelines to help create a strong password:

    • Use between 6 and 16 characters. Passwords are case sensitive, so note which letters you capitalize.

    • Use a combination of letters, numbers (0–9), and standard symbols (~, #, &, %), such as “qwert%319”.

    • Don't include spaces or international characters.

    • Don't use personal information that someone could easily guess, such as your birthday, your child's name, or your phone number.

    • Don't use common dictionary words from any language.

  4. Click Save.


Never share your password with anyone, and don't respond to any message that asks for your password.

My MSN: Tips for keeping your information private