MSN Explorer: Help protect yourself from computer viruses

Viruses can infect your computer through downloaded files, e-mail attachments, and in a variety of other ways. To help protect your computer from viruses, download files only from people and companies that you trust. For more information, go to the Microsoft security website.

Never open an attachment in any e-mail message if you weren't expecting it or if you don't recognize the sender's name. To help protect yourself from viruses in e-mail attachments, MSN Mail automatically scans attachments for viruses. If an e-mail attachment contains no detectable viruses, or if it can be cleaned, the message is sent to your Inbox.

MSN Mail attempts to block attachments that contain a virus, or that are specific file types that may harm your computer. Attachments with any of the following file extensions are blocked:

























































  • MSN Mail scans attachments only in incoming e-mail messages. It doesn't scan files that you download from websites or disks.

  • The virus scanning performed on MSN Mail doesn't interfere with any virus protection software on your computer.

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MSN Explorer: Help protect yourself from computer viruses