MSN Explorer: Sign-in credentials not recognized

When you try to connect to MSN, you may see one or more of these error messages:

  • "Error 6: We were unable to sign you in. Please check your email name and password, and try again."

  • "Error 691 Access Denied: username and/or password were invalid on the domain."

Additionally, you may see one or more of these messages on the MSN Connection page:

  • "Event: Password not correct."

  • "Event: The member name and password do not match."

  • "Event: You could not access the remote access server because your user name and/or password was not recognized by the domain."

Either your user name or password was mistyped, or there's a problem with how MSN is currently handling user name or password authentication. Try to sign in to MSN a little later, and ensure that you type your user name and password correctly.

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