1. Introduction to the MRTK tutorials

Welcome to the Getting Started tutorial series! Over the course of these tutorials, you'll learn about the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) and some of the features it has to offer. You'll also build a mixed reality experience where the user can explore a hologram modeled after NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover. By the end of this series, you'll have a firm grasp of MRTK and how it can speed up your development process.

Tutorials in this series are meant to be sequential, so please go through them in the correct order:

  1. Introduction (You're already here)
  2. Initializing your project and deploying your first application
  3. Configuring the MRTK profiles
  4. Positioning objects in the scene
  5. Creating dynamic content using Solvers
  6. Creating user interfaces
  7. Interacting with 3D objects
  8. Using eye-tracking
  9. Using voice commands


  • Learn how to configure Unity for MRTK
  • Learn how to build and deploy to your device
  • Learn how to use some of MRTK's key features
  • Create a complete mixed reality experience


When installing Unity, please make sure to check following components under 'Platforms'.

  • Universal Windows Platform Build Support
  • Windows Build Support (IL2CPP)

Unity Universal Windows Platform Build Support option

If you installed Unity without these options, you can add them through 'Add Modules' menu in Unity Hub.

Unity Windows Build Support option


The recommended MRTK version for this tutorial series is MRTK 2.6.


The recommended Unity version for this tutorial series is Unity 2019 LTS (currently 2019.4.x) . This supersedes any Unity version requirements stated in the prerequisites linked above.