Health Connection Engine Whitepapers Now LIVE!

We just published two (2) Health Connection Engine whitepapers:

  • Introduction to The Microsoft Health Connection Engine: This whitepaper provides an overview of the Health Connection Engine (HCE), including the major concepts and the service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles applied within HCE. The paper also discusses possible use scenarios for the HCE from an architectural perspective, highlighting how HCE components and connected systems can be deployed in different combinations to match each scenario. This paper is intended to be read by an architect charged with the definition and implementation of integration solutions within a healthcare domain (XPS, PDF).
  • Developing a Health Connection Engine (HCE) Adapter : This whitepaper provides an introduction to the design and development of HCE Adapters. These adapters are responsible for connecting Service Providers to a HCE-enabled healthcare integration solution. They are an integral part of the Health Connection Engine and leverage the code-base defined within the HCE Adapter Development Kit. The whitepaper outlines the major HCE Adapter concepts and provides a walkthrough of the steps required to implement a HCE Adapter as a Microsoft .NET Web service. (XPS, PDF)

The whitepapers are a complement to the HCE documentation available on CodePlex and should make it easier to understand and adopt.

Let us know what you think!