Kicking off MS-HUG TechForum

I'm here at the MS-HUG TechForum this week and right now sitting in the Kodiak Room in the Microsoft Conference Center where the TechForum takes place.

Steve Aylward, the General Manager for the US Health and Life Sciences group, just gave us an update on the work that Microsoft is doing in supporting Healthcare Providers, Health Plans and Life Sciences customers in the US.

Next up is Bill Crounse, author of the popular HealthBlog. I really like Bill, he's a great presenter and if he happens to present in a location near you, I really suggest attending. In the meantime have a look at his blog and audiocast series.

Bill is presenting on Accessibility in Health and how the innovation that we have in Windows Vista and the research that we're conducting in Microsoft Research are going to address this important issue.

One of the coolest things that Bill presented was InkSeine, a example of how far we can take the Ink concept on the Tablet PC. Check it out.

Later today Randy Fusco, Technical Strategist for the US Healthcare Provider industry, and I will be presenting an update onĀ  the Connected Health Framework - Architecture and Design Blueprint and the reference implementations that we are working on:

This will be the first time we will be publicly speaking about the IHE XDS.b reference implementation on .NET and I'm sure I've tickled your interest, so I'll make sure to go into more details in a future entry.

The deck will be available later this week on the MS-HUG TechForum site.

In the meantime you can get the XPS version of the deck on my SkyDrive:

If you are on Windows Vista, you can read XPS files natively, otherwise you can install the XPS Viewer (which BTW works on Vista too and I personally prefer).

Check back later today for more MS-HUG TechForum news.