Azure Active Directory B2C ISV partners

Our ISV partner network extends our solution capabilities to help you build seamless end-user experiences. With Azure AD B2C, you can integrate with ISV partners to enable multi-factor authentication methods, enable Secure Customer Authentication (SCA), perform Role-Based Access Control, and combat fraud through identity verification and proofing. Use our detailed sample walkthroughs to learn how to integrate apps with the ISV partners listed below.


The Azure Active Directory B2C community site on GitHub also provides sample custom policies from the community.

Integration ISV partners

ISV Partner Description and integration walkthroughs
logo Arkose Labs is a fraud prevention solution provider that helps organizations protect against bot attacks, account takeover attacks, and fraudulent account openings.
logo Experian is an Identity verification and proofing provider that performs risk assessments based on user attributes to prevent fraud.
logo IDology is an Identity verification and proofing provider with ID verification solutions, Fraud prevention solutions, Compliance solutions, and others.
logo itsme is an Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eiDAS) compliant digital ID solution to allow users to sign in securely without card readers, passwords, two-factor authentication, and multiple PIN codes.
logo LexisNexis is a profiling and identity validation provider that verifies user identification and provides comprehensive risk assessment based on user’s device.
logo Onfido is a document ID and facial biometrics verification solution that allows companies to meet Know Your Customer and identity requirements in real time.
logo Trusona integration helps you sign in securely and enables passwordless authentication, multi-factor authentication, and digital license scanning.
logo Twilio Verify App provides multiple solutions to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) through SMS one-time password (OTP), time-based one-time password (TOTP), and push notifications, and to comply with SCA requirements for Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).
logo TypingDNA is an Identity verification and proofing provider based on user typing pattern, provides ID verification solutions forcing multi-factor authentication and helps to comply with SCA requirements for Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

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