Azure AD B2B collaboration preview: CSV file format

The preview version of Azure AD B2B collaboration requires a CSV file specifying partner user information to be uploaded through the Azure AD portal. The CSV file should contain the required labels below, and optional fields as necessary. Modify the sample CSV file (below) without changing the spelling of the labels in the first row.


The first row of labels (such as Email, DisplayName, and so on) is necessary for the CSV file to be parsed successfully. The spelling must match the fields specified below. These labels identify the content beneath them. For optional fields that aren't needed, their labels can be removed from the CSV file. The entire column can be left empty.

Required fields:

Email: Email address of invited user.
DisplayName: Display name for invited user (typically, first and last name).

Optional fields:

InvitationText: Customize invitation email text after app branding and before the redemption link.
InvitedToApplications: AppIDs to corporate applications to assign users. AppIDs are retrievable in PowerShell by calling Get-MsolServicePrincipal | fl DisplayName, AppPrincipalId
InvitedToGroups: ObjectIDs for groups to add user to. ObjectIDs are retrievable in PowerShell by calling Get-MsolGroup | fl DisplayName, ObjectId
InviteRedirectURL: URL to direct an invited user after invite acceptance. This should be a company-specific URL (such as If this optional field is not specified, the invited user is directed to the App Access Panel where they can navigate to your chosen corporate apps. The App Access Panel URL is of the form<TenantID>.
CcEmailAddress: Email address to copy emailed invitation. If the CcEmailAddress field is used, this invitation cannot be used for email-verified user or tenant creation.
Language: Language for invitation email and redemption experience, with "en" (English) as the default when unspecified. The other 10 supported language codes are:

  1. de: German
  2. es: Spanish
  3. fr: French
  4. it: Italian
  5. ja: Japanese
  6. ko: Korean
  7. pt-BR: Portuguese (Brazil)
  8. ru: Russian
  9. zh-HANS: Simplified Chinese
  10. zh-HANT: Traditional Chinese

Sample CSV file

Here is a sample CSV you can modify.


Copy and paste this into Notepad, and save it with a '.csv' file extension. Then edit this in Excel. It will be structured into a table with labels in the first row.

Add more optional fields in Excel by specifying the label and populating the column beneath it.

Email,DisplayName,InvitationText,InviteRedirectUrl,InvitedToApplications,InvitedToGroups,CcEmailAddress,Language,Walter Harp,Hi Walter! I hope you’ve been doing well.,,cd3ed3de-93ee-400b-8b19-b61ef44a0f29,,,en,Jeff Smith,Hi Jeff! I hope you’ve been doing well.,,cd3ed3de-93ee-400b-8b19-b61ef44a0f29,,,en,Ben Smith,Hi Ben! I hope you’ve been doing well.,,cd3ed3de-93ee-400b-8b19-b61ef44a0f29,,,en

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