Customize the developer portal in Azure API Management

This guide shows you how to modify the look and feel of the developer portal in Azure API Management for consistency with your brand.

Change the text or logo in the page header

One of the key aspects of portal customization is replacing the text at the top of all pages with your company name or logo.

Content within the developer portal is modified via the publisher portal which is accessible from the Azure Portal. To reach it, click Publisher portal from the service toolbar of your API Management instance.

Publisher portal

The developer portal is based on a content management system or CMS. The header that appears on every page is a special type of content known as a widget. To edit the contents of that widget, click Widgets from the Developer Portal menu on the left, and then select the Header widget from the list.

Widgets header

The contents of the header is editable from within the Body field. Change the text to "Fabrikam Developer Portal", and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Now you should be able to see the new header on every page within the developer portal.

To open the developer portal while in the publisher portal, click Developer portal in the top bar.

Change the styling of the headers

The colors, fonts, sizes, spacings, and other style-related elements of any page on the portal are defined by style rules. To edit the styles, click Appearance from the Developer portal menu in the publisher portal, and then click Begin customization to enable the styling editor.

Your browser switches to a hidden page within the developer portal that contains samples of content, with examples for all styling rules used anywhere on the site. To open the styling editor, move your cursor over the thin gray vertical line on the left-most part of the page. The editor toolbar should appear.

Customization toolbar

There are two main modes of editing styling rules - Edit all rules displays a list of all the style rules used anywhere, while Pick element allows you to select an element from the page you are on and displays styles only for that element.

In this section, we want to change the styling of only the headers. Click the Pick element option from the styling editor toolbar, and then click Select an element to customize. Elements now become highlighted as you hover over them with the mouse to signify what element's styles you would start editing if you clicked. Move the mouse over the text that represents the company name in the header ("Fabrikam Developer Portal" if you followed the instructions in the previous section), and then click it. A set of named and categorized styling rules appears within the styling editor.

Each rule represents a styling property of the selected element. For example, for the header text selected above, the size of the text is in @font-size-h1 while the name of the font with alternatives is in @headings-font-family.

If you're familiar with bootstrap, these rules are in fact LESS variables within the bootstrap theme used by the developer portal.

Let's change the color of the heading text. Select the entry in the @headings-color field and type #000000. This is the hex code for the color black. As you do this, you see that a square color indicator appears at the end of the text box. If you click this indicator, a color picker lets you to choose a color.

Color picker

When you are done making changes to the styles of the selected element, click Preview Changes to see the results on the screen. At this time, they are visible only to administrators. To make these changes visible to everyone, click the Publish button in the styling editor and confirm the changes.

Publish menu

To change the style rules that apply to any other element on the page, follow the same procedure as you did for the header. Click Pick an element from the styling editor, select the element you are interested in, and start modifying the values of the style rules displayed on the screen.

Edit the contents of a page

The developer portal consists of automatically generated pages like APIs, Products, Applications, Issues, and manually written content. Because it is based on a content management system, you can create such content as necessary.

To see the list of all existing content pages, click Content from the Developer portal menu in the publisher portal.

Manage content

Click the Welcome page to edit what is displayed on the home page of the developer portal. Make the changes you want, preview them if necessary, and then click Publish Now to make them visible to everyone.

The home page uses a special layout that allows it to display a banner at the top. This banner is not editable from the Content section. To edit this banner, click Widgets from the Developer portal menu, select Home page from the Current Layer drop-down list, and then open the Banner item under the Featured section. The contents of this widget are editable just like any other page.

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