Azure App Service: Scaling App Service Applications

Applications hosted in Azure App Service can achieve massive scale. However, scaling an application is a complex problem that does not have a "one size fits all" solution. To correctly scale your application there are 3 key areas that will contribute to your applications success:

  1. Understanding your application architecture and its weaknesses.
    • Is your Application Stateful? Stateless?
    • What are all the components of your application?
      • Where are the bottlenecks in the application?
    • When load is applied to your app, what will break first?
  2. Understanding the expected load and performance requirements.
    • Does the application need to serve one thousand users? or one million?
    • Will traffic come from a single geographic location or globally?
    • Are there seasonal variations? traffic peaks?
    • How fast should the app respond? 1 second? 1 millisecond?
  3. Understanding and correctly leverage the platform hosting your app.
    • What features should I leverage to achieve my scale goals?

This section will help you understand all the factors and help you devise a strategy that takes advantage of the necessary App Service features to achieve your scalability goals.