Authenticate runbooks with Amazon Web Services

Automating common tasks with resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be accomplished with Automation runbooks in Azure. You can automate many tasks in AWS using Automation runbooks just like you can with resources in Azure. For authentication, you must have an Azure subscription.

Obtain AWS subscription and credentials

To authenticate with AWS, you must obtain an AWS subscription and specify a set of AWS credentials to authenticate your runbooks running from Azure Automation. Specific credentials required are the AWS Access Key and Secret Key. See Using AWS Credentials.

Configure Automation account

You can use an existing Automation account to authenticate with AWS. Alternatively, you can dedicate an account for runbooks targeting AWS resources. In this case, create a new Automation account.

Store AWS credentials

You must store the AWS credentials as assets in Azure Automation. See Managing Access Keys for your AWS Account for instructions on creating the Access Key and the Secret Key. When the keys are available, copy the Access Key ID and the Secret Key ID in a safe place. You can download your key file to store it somewhere safe.

Create credential asset

After you have created and copied your AWS security keys, you must create a Credential asset with the Automation account. The asset allows you to securely store the AWS keys and reference them in your runbooks. See Create a new credential asset with the Azure portal. Enter the following AWS information in the fields provided:

  • Name - AWScred, or an appropriate value following your naming standards
  • User name - Your access ID
  • Password - Name of your Secret Key

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