Azure Service Bus bindings for Azure Functions

Azure Functions integrates with Azure Service Bus via triggers and bindings. Integrating with Service Bus allows you to build functions that react to and send queue or topic messages.

Action Type
Run a function when a Service Bus queue or topic message is created Trigger
Send Azure Service Bus messages Output binding

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The Service Bus binding doesn't currently support authentication using a managed identity. Instead, please use a Service Bus shared access signature.

Functions 2.x and higher

Working with the trigger and bindings requires that you reference the appropriate package. The NuGet package is used for .NET class libraries while the extension bundle is used for all other application types.

Language Add by... Remarks
C# Installing the NuGet package, version 4.x
C# Script, Java, JavaScript, Python, PowerShell Registering the extension bundle The Azure Tools extension is recommended to use with Visual Studio Code.
C# Script (online-only in Azure portal) Adding a binding To update existing binding extensions without having to republish your function app, see Update your extensions.

Functions 1.x

Functions 1.x apps automatically have a reference to the Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs NuGet package, version 2.x.

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