Install the Analytics extension on Azure DevOps Server

Azure DevOps Server 2019

The Analytics extension for Azure DevOps Server 2019 is currently in Preview. It is free to install and use while it remains in Preview. The Analytics extension adds the Analytics service and access to Analytics widgets to all projects defined in your project collection. To learn more, see What is the Analytics service? and Widgets based on the Analytics service.

To use the Analytics service, you need to install the Analytics extension on each project collection where you plan to generate reports. The recommended method for installing the extension is from the web portal for the project collection administrative settings.

You can review the extension by going to the Azure DevOps Marketplace, Analytics extension.


The Analytics Marketplace extension is not supported for TFS 2018 or earlier versions.


Install the Analytics extension

The Analytics extension is shipped within the on-premises installer. Installing the extension simply enables the functionality. There isn't any need to download extension files manually to install. Also, the on-premises Analytics extension updates with standard updates made to Azure DevOps Server.


The Analytics extension appears in the local gallery for Azure DevOps Server so that there isn't any need to download it from the Azure DevOps Marketplace.

  1. From a web browser, choose (1) the project collection, (2) Admin settings, and then (3) Extensions.

    Open Collection>Admin settings>Extensions

  2. Choose Browse local extensions.

    Browse local marketplace


    Installing the extension from the local marketplace is identical to installing from the hosted marketplace. The only difference is the hosted marketplace shows extension ratings and user comments.

  3. The local Marketplace opens in a new browser tab. Choose the Analytics extension card.

    Analytics extension card

  4. Choose Get it free.

    Choose Get it free

  5. Select the project collection and then choose Install.

    Select the project collection

  6. Upon completion of install, you'll see an image similar to the following. Choose Proceed to collection to return to the web portal for your collection.

    Choose Get it free

    Optionally, if you want to install the Analytics extension on additional project collections, choose the browser back button.

How to determine if your server is disconnected?

If you're server is disconnected from the Internet, you must install Analytics from the local marketplace.

You can determine if your Azure DevOps Server is in a disconnected state by checking to see if the connected icon and server name appear at the top when browsing the hosted marketplace.

Determining if your server is connected or not

When you navigate to the Marketplace from your on-premises server, an error doesn't display if you're not connected. It simply switches to the cloud service context.

Disable or uninstall the Analytics extension

If you choose to disable the Analytics extension, it will stop any jobs from running. Data from the Analytics service will be out of sync and associated features won't be available. However, no data is deleted. Uninstalling the Analytics extension deletes the data from the Analytics database tables. Upon re-install of the extension, the data is re-populated from scratch.

  1. Open the extensions menu and choose Manage Extensions.

    Manage extensions

  2. In the Manage tab, open the shortcut menu for the extension.

    Disable or uninstall an extension

  3. Choose Disable or Uninstall as required.

Restore the Analytics extension if removed from the deployment

If you remove the Analytics extension from your deployment, you can install the extension from the online marketplace to restore it. If you are unable to use the online marketplace due to your server setup—for example, your firewall blocks some outgoing connections—you can restore it to the local marketplace using the following steps.

  1. Open Collection settings following the instructions provided in the section Install the Analytics extension.

    Choose Extensions, and then Browse local extensions.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and choose Manage Extensions.

    Manage extensions

  3. Choose Upload extension and then choose click to upload. Browse to the folder containing the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Extension.Analytics.vsix file.

    Upload extension

    The .vsix file can be found in your application-tier folder installation in the following path.

    C:\Program Files\Azure DevOps Server 2019\Tools\Deploy\TfsServicingFiles\Extensions\Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Extension.Analytics.vsix

    Uploading the extension restores it to the local marketplace. From there, you can install it to a collection.

Known issue

If you use a public URL to install the extension, for example, you may encounter a callback error, such as a TLS/SSL error.

To resolve this issue, you can install the extension from a machine that hosts the application tier and point to the local machine URL, for example https://myMachineName.