Strengthen your security posture with Azure Security Center

This article helps you strengthen your security posture. Use the monitoring capabilities in Azure Security Center to make sure your resource security is as tight as possible and monitor compliance with policies.

How do you strengthen your security posture?

We often think of monitoring as watching and waiting for an event to occur so that we can react to the situation. Strengthening your security posture refers to having a proactive strategy that audits your resources to identify systems that do not meet organizational standards or best practices.

After you enable security policies for a subscription’s resources, Security Center analyzes the security of your resources to identify potential vulnerabilities. Information about your network configuration is available instantly. Depending on the number of VMs and computers that you have with the agent installed, it may take an hour or more to collect information about VMs and computer's configuration, such as security update status and operating system configuration, to become available. You can view a full list of issues and ways to harden your network and remediate risk in the Recommendations tile.

You can view the security state of your resources and any issues per resource type from the asset inventory and management page.

For more information about how to apply recommendations, read Implementing security recommendations in Azure Security Center.

Next steps

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