Service Fabric programming model overview

Service Fabric offers multiple ways to write and manage your services. Services can choose to use the Service Fabric APIs to take full advantage of the platform's features and application frameworks. Services can also be any compiled executable program written in any language or code running in a container simply hosted on a Service Fabric cluster.

Guest Executable

A guest executable is an arbitrary executable, written in any language, so you can take your existing applications and host them on a Service Fabric cluster. A guest executable can be packaged in an application and hosted alongside other services. Service Fabric handles orchestration and simple execution management of the executable, ensuring it stays up and running according to the service description. However, because guest executables do not integrate directly with Service Fabric APIs, they do not benefit from the full set of features the platform offers, such as custom health and load reporting, service endpoint registration, and stateful compute.

Get started with guest executables by deploying your first guest executable application.

Reliable Services

Reliable Services is a light-weight framework for writing services that integrate with the Service Fabric platform and benefit from the full set of platform features. Reliable Services provide a minimal set of APIs that allow the Service Fabric runtime to manage the lifecycle of your services and that allow your services to interact with the runtime. The application framework is minimal, giving you full control over design and implementation choices, and can be used to host any other application framework, such as ASP.NET Core.

Reliable Services can be stateless, similar to most service platforms, such as web servers, in which each instance of the service is created equal and state is persisted in an external solution, such as Azure DB or Azure Table Storage.

Reliable Services can also be stateful, exclusive to Service Fabric, where state is persisted directly in the service itself using Reliable Collections. State is made highly-available through replication and distributed through partitioning, all managed automatically by Service Fabric.

Learn more about Reliable Services or get started by writing your first Reliable Service.

Reliable Actors

Built on top of Reliable Services, the Reliable Actor framework is an application framework that implements the Virtual Actor pattern, based on the actor design pattern. The Reliable Actor framework uses independent units of compute and state with single-threaded execution called actors. The Reliable Actor framework provides built-in communication for actors and pre-set state persistence and scale-out configurations.

As Reliable Actors itself is an application framework built on Reliable Services, it is fully integrated with the Service Fabric platform and benefits from the full set of features offered by the platform.

Next steps

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