Create a gallery for storing and sharing resources

An Azure Compute Gallery (formerly known as Shared Image Gallery) simplifies sharing resources, like images and application packages, across your organization.

The Azure Compute Gallery lets you share custom VM images and application packages with others in your organization, within or across regions, within a tenant. Choose what you want to share, which regions you want to make them available in, and who you want to share them with. You can create multiple galleries so that you can logically group resources.

The gallery is a top-level resource that provides full Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC).

Allowed characters for gallery name are uppercase or lowercase letters, digits, dots, and periods. The gallery name cannot contain dashes. Gallery names must be unique within your subscription.

Choose an option below for creating your gallery:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal at
  2. Type Azure Compute Gallery in the search box and select Azure Compute Gallery in the results.
  3. In the Azure Compute Gallery page, click Add.
  4. On the Create Azure Compute Gallery page, select the correct subscription.
  5. In Resource group, select a resource group from the drop-down or select Create new and type a name for the new resource group.
  6. In Name, type a name for the name of the gallery.
  7. Select a Region from the drop-down.
  8. You can type a short description of the gallery, like My gallery for testing. and then click Review + create.
  9. After validation passes, select Create.
  10. When the deployment is finished, select Go to resource.

A community gallery is shared publicly with everyone. To create a community gallery, you create the gallery first, then enable it for sharing. The name of public instance of your gallery will be the prefix you provide, plus a unique GUID.

During the preview, make sure that you create your gallery, image definitions, and image versions in the same region in order to share your gallery publicly.


Azure Compute Gallery – community galleries is currently in PREVIEW and subject to the Preview Terms for Azure Compute Gallery - community gallery.

To publish a community gallery, you need to register for the preview at Creating VMs from the community gallery is open to all Azure users.

When creating an image to share with the community, you will need to provide contact information. This information will be shown publicly, so be careful when providing:

  • Community gallery prefix
  • Publisher support email
  • Publisher URL
  • Legal agreement URL

Information from your image definitions will also be publicly available, like what you provide for Publisher, Offer, and SKU.


Only the owner of a subscription, or a user or service principal assigned to the Compute Gallery Sharing Admin role at the subscription or gallery level, can enable a gallery to go public to the community. To assign a role to a user, group, service principal or managed identity, see Steps to assign an Azure role.

The --public-name-prefix value is used to create a name for the public version of your gallery. The --public-name-prefix will be the first part of the public name, and the last part will be a GUID, created by the platform, that is unique to your gallery.


az group create --name $resourceGroup --location $location

az sig create \
   --gallery-name $galleryName \
   --permissions community \
   --resource-group $resourceGroup \
   --publisher-uri $publisherUri \
   --publisher-email $publisherEmail \
   --eula $eulaLink \
   --public-name-prefix $prefix

The output of this command will give you the public name for your community gallery in the sharingProfile section, under publicNames.

Once you are ready to make the gallery available to the public, enable the community gallery using az sig share enable-community. Only a user in the Owner role definition can enable a gallery for community sharing.

az sig share enable-community \
   --gallery-name $galleryName \
   --resource-group $resourceGroup 


If you are listed as the owner of your subscription, but you are having trouble sharing the gallery publicly, you may need to explicitly add yourself as owner again.

To go back to only RBAC based sharing, use the az sig share reset command.

To delete a gallery shared to community, you must first run az sig share reset to stop sharing, then delete the gallery.

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