The DCsv2-series can help protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data and code while it’s processed in the public cloud. These machines are backed by the latest generation of Intel XEON E-2288G Processor with SGX technology. With the Intel Turbo Boost Technology these machines can go up to 5.0GHz. DCsv2 series instances enable customers to build secure enclave-based applications to protect their code and data while it’s in use.

Example use cases include: confidential multiparty data sharing, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, blockchain, confidential usage analytics, intelligence analysis and confidential machine learning.

Premium Storage: Supported*
Premium Storage caching: Supported
Live Migration: Not Supported
Memory Preserving Updates: Not Supported
VM Generation Support: Generation 2
Accelerated Networking: Supported

*Except for Standard_DC8_v2

Size vCPU Memory: GiB Temp storage (SSD) GiB Max data disks Max cached and temp storage throughput: IOPS / MBps (cache size in GiB) Max NICs / Expected network bandwidth (MBps) EPC Memory (MiB)
Standard_DC1s_v2 1 4 50 1 2000/16 2 28
Standard_DC2s_v2 2 8 100 2 4000/32 2 56
Standard_DC4s_v2 4 16 200 4 8000/64 2 112
Standard_DC8_v2 8 32 400 8 16000/128 2 168

Other sizes and information

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