FRR NAK Handler Sample

The FRR NAK Handler sample demonstrates how to create a custom handler to process messages that FIN Response Reconciliation (FRR) has correlated with SWIFT responses. This custom handler processes messages that FRR has correlated with a MTS21_FIN_ACKNAK negative-acknowledgment message, which indicates that SWIFT did not successfully receive the message from A4SWIFT. The custom handler adds an error object to the message, making the message a two-part message, and promotes the properties that cause the message-repair orchestration to pick up the message. As a result, a repairer can fix the message and resend it to SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA).

Sample Components

The FRR NAK Handler sample includes the following components:

  • RepairSWIFTRejectedMessage.odx. This orchestration is the custom handler that processes a message that SWIFT could not successfully receive, routing it to the message-repair orchestration so a repairer can fix and resend the message.

  • RepairSWIFTRejectedMessage.btproj. This project includes RepairSWIFTRejectedMessage.odx and the references required for the project to build and deploy.

  • RepairSWIFTRejectedMessage.sln. This solution includes the RepairSWIFTRejectedMessage.btproj project.

    This section contains:

  • Implementing the FRR NAK Handler Sample

  • How the FRR NAK Handler Sample Works