Getting started with BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT

Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT (A4SWIFT) provides a set of schemas, rules, and associated tools to assist you in the integration of SWIFT messaging with your internal applications. A4SWIFT requires MicrosoftBizTalk Server, and uses BizTalk Server components and features to implement schemas, parsing, validation, rules processing, and orchestration. A4SWIFT also implements debatching of files containing multiple financial (FIN) messages, message repair and new submission, and FIN response reconciliation.

You can get immediate hands-on experience with A4SWIFT by going directly to the A4SWIFT End-to-End Tutorial. Module 1: Creating a SWIFT Solution helps you build an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution that automates an internal business process. Module 2: Adding a New Schemas Project builds your EAI project by helping you develop an automated solution to process selected SWIFT FIN messages.

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To learn about See
A4SWIFT concepts and features Runtime, message repair, FIN response, and messaging
A4SWIFT End-to-End Tutorial - Module 1: Creating a SWIFT Solution
- Module 2: Adding a New Schemas Project
- Module 3: Adding a Pipeline Project
- Module 4: Creating XML Receive and Flat File Send Ports
- Module 5: Creating Flat File Receive and XML Send Ports
- Module 6: Deploying the Business Rules
- Module 7: Testing a Valid Flat File Instance
Installing A4SWIFT Installation Guide for BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT
A4SWIFT terms Glossary
Processing batches of messages Submitting Messages Through Receive Locations and InfoPath Forms
Implementing repair Failed Messages and ErrorCollection Objects
Message Repair and New Submission Message Repair and New Submission
FIN Response Reconciliation FIN Response Reconciliation

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