AnchorLocateCriteria AnchorLocateCriteria AnchorLocateCriteria AnchorLocateCriteria Class


Specifies a set of criteria for locating anchors.

public ref class AnchorLocateCriteria
public class AnchorLocateCriteria
type AnchorLocateCriteria = class
Public Class AnchorLocateCriteria


Within the object, properties are combined with the AND operator. For example, if identifiers and nearAnchor are specified, then the filter will look for anchors that are near the nearAnchor and have an identifier that matches any of those identifiers.


AnchorLocateCriteria() AnchorLocateCriteria() AnchorLocateCriteria() AnchorLocateCriteria()


BypassCache BypassCache BypassCache BypassCache

Whether locate should bypass the local cache of anchors.

Identifiers Identifiers Identifiers Identifiers

Cloud anchor identifiers to locate. If empty, any anchors can be located.

NearAnchor NearAnchor NearAnchor NearAnchor

Filters anchors to locate to be close to a specific anchor.

RequestedCategories RequestedCategories RequestedCategories RequestedCategories

Categories of data that are requested.

Strategy Strategy Strategy Strategy

Indicates the strategy by which anchors will be located.


Finalize() Finalize() Finalize() Finalize()

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