ProjectMetadata ProjectMetadata ProjectMetadata ProjectMetadata Class


Represents evaluated design-time metadata.

public ref class ProjectMetadata : IEquatable<Microsoft::Build::Evaluation::ProjectMetadata ^>
public class ProjectMetadata : IEquatable<Microsoft.Build.Evaluation.ProjectMetadata>
type ProjectMetadata = class
    interface IEquatable<ProjectMetadata>
Public Class ProjectMetadata
Implements IEquatable(Of ProjectMetadata)


Never used to represent built-in metadata, like %(Filename). The metadata is always associated with project source code.

The metadata is contained by either by a ProjectItemDefinition or a ProjectItem.


ConditionLocation ConditionLocation ConditionLocation ConditionLocation

Location of the Condition attribute.

EvaluatedValue EvaluatedValue EvaluatedValue EvaluatedValue

Gets the evaluated metadata value.

IsImported IsImported IsImported IsImported

Determines if the metadata originated from an imported file.

ItemType ItemType ItemType ItemType

Gets the item type of the containing item definition or item.

Location Location Location Location

Location of the element.

Name Name Name Name

Gets the name of the metadata.

Predecessor Predecessor Predecessor Predecessor

Gets the last metadata (from an item definition or item) that was overridden by this metadata during evaluation.

Project Project Project Project

Gets the project that contains this metadata.

UnevaluatedValue UnevaluatedValue UnevaluatedValue UnevaluatedValue

Gets or sets the unevaluated metadata value.

Xml Xml Xml Xml

Gets the associated project metadata element.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IEquatable<ProjectMetadata>.Equals(ProjectMetadata) IEquatable<ProjectMetadata>.Equals(ProjectMetadata) IEquatable<ProjectMetadata>.Equals(ProjectMetadata) IEquatable<ProjectMetadata>.Equals(ProjectMetadata)

Compares this project metadata with the given project metadata for equality.


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