DataSet.DefaultViewManager Property


Gets a custom view of the data contained in the DataSet to allow filtering, searching, and navigating using a custom DataViewManager.

 property System::Data::DataViewManager ^ DefaultViewManager { System::Data::DataViewManager ^ get(); };
public System.Data.DataViewManager DefaultViewManager { get; }
member this.DefaultViewManager : System.Data.DataViewManager
Public ReadOnly Property DefaultViewManager As DataViewManager

Property Value



The following example gets the default DataViewManager for a DataSet, and adds a DataTable to the DataTableCollection.

Private Sub GetDefaultDataViewManager()
    ' Get a DataSet object's DefaultViewManager.
     Dim view As DataViewManager = DataSet1.DefaultViewManager

    ' Add a DataTable to the DataTableCollection.
    Dim table As DataTable
    table = New DataTable("TableName")
End Sub


The DataViewManager returned by the DefaultViewManager property allows you to create custom settings for each DataTable in the DataSet.

When you obtain a DataView from a DataTable, the sort order, filtering, and DataViewRowState are configured according to the settings in the DefaultViewManager property.

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