PrimitiveTypeKind PrimitiveTypeKind PrimitiveTypeKind PrimitiveTypeKind Enum


Specifies the primitive types as defined by EDM.

public enum class PrimitiveTypeKind
public enum PrimitiveTypeKind
type PrimitiveTypeKind = 
Public Enum PrimitiveTypeKind


Binary Binary Binary Binary 0

The Binary type.

Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean 1

The Boolean type.

Byte Byte Byte Byte 2

The Byte type.

DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime 3

The DateTime type.

DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset DateTimeOffset 14

The DateTimeOffset type.

Decimal Decimal Decimal Decimal 4

The Decimal type.

Double Double Double Double 5

The Double type.

Geography Geography Geography Geography 16

The Geography type.

GeographyCollection GeographyCollection GeographyCollection GeographyCollection 30

The Geographic collection type.

GeographyLineString GeographyLineString GeographyLineString GeographyLineString 25

The Geographic line string type.

GeographyMultiLineString GeographyMultiLineString GeographyMultiLineString GeographyMultiLineString 28

The Geographic multi-line string type.

GeographyMultiPoint GeographyMultiPoint GeographyMultiPoint GeographyMultiPoint 27

The Geographic multi-point type.

GeographyMultiPolygon GeographyMultiPolygon GeographyMultiPolygon GeographyMultiPolygon 29

The Geographic multi-polygon type.

GeographyPoint GeographyPoint GeographyPoint GeographyPoint 24

The Geographic point type.

GeographyPolygon GeographyPolygon GeographyPolygon GeographyPolygon 26

The Geographic polygon type.

Geometry Geometry Geometry Geometry 15

The Geometry Type.

GeometryCollection GeometryCollection GeometryCollection GeometryCollection 23

The Geometric collection type.

GeometryLineString GeometryLineString GeometryLineString GeometryLineString 18

The Geometric line string type.

GeometryMultiLineString GeometryMultiLineString GeometryMultiLineString GeometryMultiLineString 21

The Geometric multi-line string type.

GeometryMultiPoint GeometryMultiPoint GeometryMultiPoint GeometryMultiPoint 20

The Geometric multi-point type.

GeometryMultiPolygon GeometryMultiPolygon GeometryMultiPolygon GeometryMultiPolygon 22

The Geometric multi-polygon type.

GeometryPoint GeometryPoint GeometryPoint GeometryPoint 17

The Geometric point type.

GeometryPolygon GeometryPolygon GeometryPolygon GeometryPolygon 19

The Geometric polygon type.

Guid Guid Guid Guid 6

The Guid type.

Int16 Int16 Int16 Int16 9

The Int16 type.

Int32 Int32 Int32 Int32 10

The Int32 type.

Int64 Int64 Int64 Int64 11

The Int64 type.

SByte SByte SByte SByte 8

The SByte type.

Single Single Single Single 7

The Single type.

String String String String 12

The String type.

Time Time Time Time 13

The Time type.

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