ObjectQuery.Context Property


Gets the object context associated with this object query.

 property System::Data::Objects::ObjectContext ^ Context { System::Data::Objects::ObjectContext ^ get(); };
public System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext Context { get; }
member this.Context : System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext
Public ReadOnly Property Context As ObjectContext

Property Value


The ObjectContext associated with this ObjectQuery<T> instance.


The example in this topic is based on the Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples: Database. The example gets the ObjectContext object associated with this ObjectQuery<T> object.

using (AdventureWorksEntities context =
    new AdventureWorksEntities())
    string queryString =
        @"SELECT VALUE contact FROM
        AdventureWorksEntities.Contacts AS contact";

    ObjectQuery<Contact> contactQuery =
        new ObjectQuery<Contact>(queryString,
            context, MergeOption.NoTracking);

    // Get ObjectContext from ObjectQuery.
    ObjectContext objectContext = contactQuery.Context;
    Console.WriteLine("Connection string {0}",
Using context As New AdventureWorksEntities()
    Dim queryString As String = "SELECT VALUE contact FROM AdventureWorksEntities.Contacts AS contact"

    Dim contactQuery As New ObjectQuery(Of Contact)(queryString, context, MergeOption.NoTracking)

    ' Get ObjectContext from ObjectQuery. 
    Dim objectContext As ObjectContext = contactQuery.Context
    Console.WriteLine("Connection string {0}", objectContext.Connection.ConnectionString)
End Using


The context for the query includes the connection, cache, and metadata. For more information, see Object Services Overview (Entity Framework).

The connection property is mutable and must be set before a query can be executed. For more information, see Managing Connections in Object Services (Entity Framework).

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