OracleLob.Null Field


Represents a null OracleLob object.

public: static initonly System::Data::OracleClient::OracleLob ^ Null;
public static readonly System.Data.OracleClient.OracleLob Null;
 staticval mutable Null : System.Data.OracleClient.OracleLob
Public Shared ReadOnly Null As OracleLob 

Field Value



You can construct an OracleLob that is NULL using this format:

OracleLob myLob = OracleLOB.Null;  

This technique is used primarily to test whether a LOB returned from the server is NULL, as this example illustrates:

If(myLob == OracleLob.Null)  

A NULL LOB behaves similarly to a zero byte LOB in that Read succeeds and always returns zero bytes.

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