SqlString.Inequality(SqlString, SqlString) Operator


Performs a logical comparison of the two SqlString operands to determine whether they are not equal.

 static System::Data::SqlTypes::SqlBoolean operator !=(System::Data::SqlTypes::SqlString x, System::Data::SqlTypes::SqlString y);
public static System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBoolean operator != (System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString x, System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString y);
static member op_Inequality : System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString * System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlString -> System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBoolean
Public Shared Operator != (x As SqlString, y As SqlString) As SqlBoolean



A SqlBoolean that is True if the two instances are not equal or False if the two instances are equal. If either instance of SqlString is null, the Value of the SqlBoolean will be Null.


The equivalent method for this operator is SqlString.NotEquals(SqlString, SqlString)

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