ForestTrustCollisionType ForestTrustCollisionType ForestTrustCollisionType ForestTrustCollisionType Enum


Specifies the collision type of a ForestTrustRelationshipCollision object.

public enum class ForestTrustCollisionType
public enum ForestTrustCollisionType
type ForestTrustCollisionType = 
Public Enum ForestTrustCollisionType


Domain Domain Domain Domain 1

The collision is between domain cross-references. This collision type indicates a collision with a domain in the same forest.

Other Other Other Other 2

The collision is not a collision between top-level domains or domain cross references.

TopLevelName TopLevelName TopLevelName TopLevelName 0

The collision is between top-level domains. This collision type indicates a collision with a namespace element of another forest.

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