PartialResultProcessing Enum


The PartialResultProcessing enumeration specifies the required type of partial results processing.

public enum class PartialResultProcessing
public enum PartialResultProcessing
type PartialResultProcessing = 
Public Enum PartialResultProcessing


NoPartialResultSupport 0

The application will not retrieve partial results. The value is equal to 0.

ReturnPartialResults 1

The application will retrieve partial results. The value is equal to 1.

ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback 2

An application will retrieve partial results and use the callback mechanism. The value is equal to 2.


An application performing an asynchronous operation can use the BeginSendRequest method, EndSendRequest method, and (optionally) the AsyncCallback delegate in the standard .NET style.

An application retrieving partial results can call the BeginSendRequest and pass either ReturnPartialResults or ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback as the partialMode parameter.

In most scenarios, use NoPartialResultSupport for better performance and scalability. The use of ReturnPartialResults or ReturnPartialResultsAndNotifyCallback is only recommended in the scenario where the retrieval of partial results is desired. For example, when performing a search with the DirectoryNotificationControl specified, the search results are returned only when changes are made to that object. The search never completes and partial results are returned.

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