LinearGradientBrush.InterpolationColors Property


Gets or sets a ColorBlend that defines a multicolor linear gradient.

 property System::Drawing::Drawing2D::ColorBlend ^ InterpolationColors { System::Drawing::Drawing2D::ColorBlend ^ get(); void set(System::Drawing::Drawing2D::ColorBlend ^ value); };
public System.Drawing.Drawing2D.ColorBlend InterpolationColors { get; set; }
member this.InterpolationColors : System.Drawing.Drawing2D.ColorBlend with get, set
Public Property InterpolationColors As ColorBlend

Property Value

A ColorBlend that defines a multicolor linear gradient.


A ColorBlend contains corresponding arrays of colors and positions. The positions are values from 0 through 1 that specify the percentage of the distance along the gradient line where the corresponding color is located.

Setting this property creates a multicolor gradient with one color at each position along the gradient line. Setting this property nullifies all previous color, position, and falloff settings for this LinearGradientBrush.

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