PenType PenType PenType PenType Enum


Specifies the type of fill a Pen object uses to fill lines.

public enum class PenType
public enum PenType
type PenType = 
Public Enum PenType


HatchFill HatchFill HatchFill HatchFill 1

Specifies a hatch fill.

LinearGradient LinearGradient LinearGradient LinearGradient 4

Specifies a linear gradient fill.

PathGradient PathGradient PathGradient PathGradient 3

Specifies a path gradient fill.

SolidColor SolidColor SolidColor SolidColor 0

Specifies a solid fill.

TextureFill TextureFill TextureFill TextureFill 2

Specifies a bitmap texture fill.


The pen type is determined by the Brush property of the Pen object.

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