Environment.SpecialFolderOption Enum


Specifies options to use for getting the path to a special folder.

public: enum class Environment::SpecialFolderOption
public enum Environment.SpecialFolderOption
type Environment.SpecialFolderOption = 
Public Enum Environment.SpecialFolderOption


Create 32768

The path to the folder is created if it does not already exist.

DoNotVerify 16384

The path to the folder is returned without verifying whether the path exists. If the folder is located on a network, specifying this option can reduce lag time.

None 0

The path to the folder is verified. If the folder exists, the path is returned. If the folder does not exist, an empty string is returned. This is the default behavior.


The System.Environment.SpecialFolderOption enumeration is used to define the precise behavior of the Environment.GetFolderPath method.

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