CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder.AvailableCalendars Property


Gets or sets an array of calendars that are supported by this CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder object.

 property cli::array <System::Globalization::Calendar ^> ^ AvailableCalendars { cli::array <System::Globalization::Calendar ^> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <System::Globalization::Calendar ^> ^ value); };
public System.Globalization.Calendar[] AvailableCalendars { get; set; }
member this.AvailableCalendars : System.Globalization.Calendar[] with get, set
Public Property AvailableCalendars As Calendar()

Property Value

An array of calendars.


In a set operation, the assigned array is null, or an element of the assigned array is null.

This property is not supported for neutral cultures.


In a set operation, the assigned array contains PersianCalendar, TaiwanLunisolarCalendar, KoreanLunisolarCalendar, JapaneseLunisolarCalendar, ChineseLunisolarCalendar, or JulianCalendar.


In a set operation, the assigned array contains a custom calendar.


The AvailableCalendars property corresponds to the OptionalCalendars property.

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