WSFederationAuthenticationModule.SecurityTokenReceived Event


Occurs when a security token has been received from a security token service (STS).

 event EventHandler<System::IdentityModel::Services::SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs ^> ^ SecurityTokenReceived;
public event EventHandler<System.IdentityModel.Services.SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs> SecurityTokenReceived;
member this.SecurityTokenReceived : EventHandler<System.IdentityModel.Services.SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event SecurityTokenReceived As EventHandler(Of SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs) 
Public Event SecurityTokenReceived As EventHandler(Of SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs) 

Event Type



void WSFederationAuthenticationModule_SecurityTokenReceived(object sender, SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs e)
    //Augment token validation with your cusotm validation checks without invalidating the token.
    System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("Handling SecurityTokenReceived event");


You can add an event handler to modify the token before it is validated. In the event handler you can access the security token through the SecurityTokenReceivedEventArgs.SecurityToken property. The SecurityTokenReceived event is a cancelable event, you can set the Cancel property to true in an event handler to terminate processing of the WS-Federation sign-in response message.

This event is raised from inside the OnAuthenticateRequest event-handler delegate when processing a WS-Federation sign-in response message ("wsignin1.0") received from the security token service (STS). It is raised just after a security token has been deserialized from the wresult or the wresultptr parameter in the sign-in response message, but before the security token is validated.

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