Package.DeleteRelationship(String) Method


Deletes a package-level relationship.

 void DeleteRelationship(System::String ^ id);
public void DeleteRelationship (string id);
member this.DeleteRelationship : string -> unit
Public Sub DeleteRelationship (id As String)



The Id of the PackageRelationship to delete.


id is null.

The package is not open (Dispose(Boolean) or Close() has been called).

The package is read-only.

id is not a valid XML identifier.


A package-level relationship defines an association between the package and an associated target part or resource. A package-level relationship can be one of two forms.

  • Between a Package to a target part in the package.

  • Between a Package to a target resource outside the package.

In a package-relationship the package is considered the "owner" of the relationship. When the package is deleted, all the relationships owned by the package are also deleted.

No exception is raised if a relationship with the specified id is not in the package.

DeleteRelationship does not physically change the target part in any way.

For more information about package relationships, see section 1.3 of the Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) specification available for download at

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