MessageType Enum


Identifies the type of a message. A message can be a typical Message Queuing message, a positive (arrival and read) or negative (arrival and read) acknowledgment message, or a report message.

public enum class MessageType
public enum MessageType
type MessageType = 
Public Enum MessageType


Acknowledgment 1

An acknowledgment message.

Normal 2

A normal Message Queuing message.

Report 3

A report message.


Typical (Normal type) messages are those that you send to a queue using either the Message class or any overload of the MessageQueue.Send method.

Message Queuing generates acknowledgment messages whenever the sending application requests one. If you send a message using the Message class, you can use its AcknowledgeType property to specify the types of acknowledgments to receive. For example, Message Queuing can generate positive or negative messages to indicate that the original message arrived or was read. Message Queuing returns the appropriate acknowledgment message to the administration queue specified by the sending application. When you receive or peek an acknowledgment message using a Message, its Acknowledgment property indicates the reason Message Queuing sent the acknowledgment.

Message Queuing generates report messages whenever a report queue is defined at the source queue manager. When tracing is enabled (by setting the Message.UseTracing property on the original message), Message Queuing sends a report message to the Message Queuing report queue each time the original message enters or leaves a Message Queuing server.

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