SmtpDeliveryFormat SmtpDeliveryFormat SmtpDeliveryFormat SmtpDeliveryFormat Enum


The delivery format to use for sending outgoing email using the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

public enum class SmtpDeliveryFormat
public enum SmtpDeliveryFormat
type SmtpDeliveryFormat = 
Public Enum SmtpDeliveryFormat


International International International International 1

A delivery format where non-ASCII characters in the envelope and header fields used in the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) for mail messages are encoded with UTF-8 characters.

The extensions to support international email are defined in IETF RFC 6530, 6531, and 6532.

SevenBit SevenBit SevenBit SevenBit 0

A delivery format using 7-bit ASCII.

The traditional delivery format used in the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) for mail messages.

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