SmtpDeliveryMethod SmtpDeliveryMethod SmtpDeliveryMethod SmtpDeliveryMethod Enum


Specifies how email messages are delivered.

public enum class SmtpDeliveryMethod
public enum SmtpDeliveryMethod
type SmtpDeliveryMethod = 
Public Enum SmtpDeliveryMethod


Network Network Network Network 0

Email is sent through the network to an SMTP server.

PickupDirectoryFromIis PickupDirectoryFromIis PickupDirectoryFromIis PickupDirectoryFromIis 2

Email is copied to the pickup directory used by a local Internet Information Services (IIS) for delivery.

SpecifiedPickupDirectory SpecifiedPickupDirectory SpecifiedPickupDirectory SpecifiedPickupDirectory 1

Email is copied to the directory specified by the PickupDirectoryLocation property for delivery by an external application.


Use the SmtpDeliveryMethod enumeration as a parameter to the SmtpClient.DeliveryMethod property to specify the delivery method.

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