UnicastIPAddressInformation.DuplicateAddressDetectionState Property


Gets a value that indicates the state of the duplicate address detection algorithm.

 abstract property System::Net::NetworkInformation::DuplicateAddressDetectionState DuplicateAddressDetectionState { System::Net::NetworkInformation::DuplicateAddressDetectionState get(); };
public abstract System.Net.NetworkInformation.DuplicateAddressDetectionState DuplicateAddressDetectionState { get; }
member this.DuplicateAddressDetectionState : System.Net.NetworkInformation.DuplicateAddressDetectionState
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property DuplicateAddressDetectionState As DuplicateAddressDetectionState

Property Value

One of the DuplicateAddressDetectionState values that indicates the progress of the algorithm in determining the uniqueness of this IP address.


This property is not valid on computers running operating systems earlier than Windows XP.


To ensure that all network interfaces on a network have a unique address, the interface host is responsible for running a "duplicate address detection" algorithm on unicast addresses. The purpose of this algorithm is to attempt to prevent non-unique addresses on the network. This process is defined in IETF RFC 1971.

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