UnicastIPAddressInformation.PrefixOrigin Property


Gets a value that identifies the source of a unicast Internet Protocol (IP) address prefix.

 abstract property System::Net::NetworkInformation::PrefixOrigin PrefixOrigin { System::Net::NetworkInformation::PrefixOrigin get(); };
public abstract System.Net.NetworkInformation.PrefixOrigin PrefixOrigin { get; }
member this.PrefixOrigin : System.Net.NetworkInformation.PrefixOrigin
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property PrefixOrigin As PrefixOrigin

Property Value

One of the PrefixOrigin values that identifies how the prefix information was obtained.


This property is not valid on computers running operating systems earlier than Windows XP.


IP addresses are divided into two parts: the prefix and the suffix. The address prefix identifies the network portion of an IP address, and the address suffix identifies the host portion. Prefixes are assigned by global authorities, and suffixes are assigned by local system administrators.

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