PeerNearMe.InternalRefreshData(Object) Method


Initiates a network operation to retrieve the application, object and presence data specific to a PeerNearMe instance.

protected public:
 void InternalRefreshData(System::Object ^ state);
protected internal void InternalRefreshData (object state);
member this.InternalRefreshData : obj -> unit
Protected Friend Sub InternalRefreshData (state As Object)



Specifies the application, object, and presence data relevant to a PeerNearMe instance.



The data retrieved is stored in a cache accessed by the GetApplications and GetObjects methods as well as the PresenceStatus property. The InternalRefreshData method only needs to be used if the caller is not subscribed to the specified Peer, PeerNearMe, or PeerContact.

This method blocks additional calls until the network operation is complete and the cache has been updated.

The caller is not required to sign in with the SignIn method or via a user interface in to complete this operation successfully.

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