SslStream.SslProtocol Property


Gets a value that indicates the security protocol used to authenticate this connection.

 virtual property System::Security::Authentication::SslProtocols SslProtocol { System::Security::Authentication::SslProtocols get(); };
public virtual System.Security.Authentication.SslProtocols SslProtocol { get; }
member this.SslProtocol : System.Security.Authentication.SslProtocols
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property SslProtocol As SslProtocols

Property Value

The SslProtocols value that represents the protocol used for authentication.




The following example displays the security properties of the specified stream.

static void DisplaySecurityLevel( SslStream^ stream )
   Console::WriteLine( L"Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream->CipherAlgorithm, stream->CipherStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream->HashAlgorithm, stream->HashStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream->KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream->KeyExchangeStrength );
   Console::WriteLine( L"Protocol: {0}", stream->SslProtocol );

static void DisplaySecurityLevel(SslStream stream)
   Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength);
   Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol);
Private Shared Sub DisplaySecurityLevel(stream As SslStream)
    Console.WriteLine("Cipher: {0} strength {1}", stream.CipherAlgorithm, stream.CipherStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Hash: {0} strength {1}", stream.HashAlgorithm, stream.HashStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Key exchange: {0} strength {1}", stream.KeyExchangeAlgorithm, stream.KeyExchangeStrength)
    Console.WriteLine("Protocol: {0}", stream.SslProtocol)
End Sub


The supported security protocols are specified when the SslStream is created. If no security protocol was passed to the constructor, the instance is created using Default. The actual protocol used for authentication is selected based on the protocols supported by the client and server.

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