WebSocketCloseStatus WebSocketCloseStatus WebSocketCloseStatus WebSocketCloseStatus Enum


Represents well known WebSocket close codes as defined in section 11.7 of the WebSocket protocol spec.

public enum class WebSocketCloseStatus
public enum WebSocketCloseStatus
type WebSocketCloseStatus = 
Public Enum WebSocketCloseStatus


Empty Empty Empty Empty 1005

No error specified.

EndpointUnavailable EndpointUnavailable EndpointUnavailable EndpointUnavailable 1001

(1001) Indicates an endpoint is being removed. Either the server or client will become unavailable.

InternalServerError InternalServerError InternalServerError InternalServerError 1011

The connection will be closed by the server because of an error on the server.

InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType InvalidMessageType 1003

(1003) The client or server is terminating the connection because it cannot accept the data type it received.

InvalidPayloadData InvalidPayloadData InvalidPayloadData InvalidPayloadData 1007

(1007) The client or server is terminating the connection because it has received data inconsistent with the message type.

MandatoryExtension MandatoryExtension MandatoryExtension MandatoryExtension 1010

(1010) The client is terminating the connection because it expected the server to negotiate an extension.

MessageTooBig MessageTooBig MessageTooBig MessageTooBig 1009

(1004) Reserved for future use.

NormalClosure NormalClosure NormalClosure NormalClosure 1000

(1000) The connection has closed after the request was fulfilled.

PolicyViolation PolicyViolation PolicyViolation PolicyViolation 1008

(1008) The connection will be closed because an endpoint has received a message that violates its policy.

ProtocolError ProtocolError ProtocolError ProtocolError 1002

(1002) The client or server is terminating the connection because of a protocol error.

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