BigInteger.Log10(BigInteger) BigInteger.Log10(BigInteger) BigInteger.Log10(BigInteger) BigInteger.Log10(BigInteger) Method


Returns the base 10 logarithm of a specified number.

 static double Log10(System::Numerics::BigInteger value);
public static double Log10 (System.Numerics.BigInteger value);
static member Log10 : System.Numerics.BigInteger -> double
Public Shared Function Log10 (value As BigInteger) As Double


BigInteger BigInteger BigInteger BigInteger

A number whose logarithm is to be found.


The base 10 logarithm of value, as shown in the table in the Remarks section.



The value parameter is specified as a base 10 number.

The precise return value of the method depends on the sign of value, as the following table shows.

Sign of value parameter Return value
Positive The base 10 log of value; that is, log10value.
Zero Double.NegativeInfinity.
Negative Double.NaN.

To calculate the natural logarithm of a BigInteger value, call the BigInteger.Log(BigInteger) method. To calculate the logarithm of a number in another base, call the BigInteger.Log(BigInteger, Double) method.

This method corresponds to the Math.Log10 method for the primitive numeric types.

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