Assembly.GetModule(String) Method


Gets the specified module in this assembly.

 virtual System::Reflection::Module ^ GetModule(System::String ^ name);
public virtual System.Reflection.Module? GetModule (string name);
public virtual System.Reflection.Module GetModule (string name);
public System.Reflection.Module GetModule (string name);
abstract member GetModule : string -> System.Reflection.Module
override this.GetModule : string -> System.Reflection.Module
Public Overridable Function GetModule (name As String) As Module
Public Function GetModule (name As String) As Module



The name of the module being requested.



The module being requested, or null if the module is not found.



The name parameter is null.

The name parameter is an empty string ("").

A file that was found could not be loaded.

name was not found.

name is not a valid assembly.


This method works on file names.

Classes in the Reflection.Emit namespace emit the scope name for a dynamic module. The scope name can be determined by the Module.ScopeName property. Pass the kind of module you want to Assembly.GetModule. For example, if you want the module that contains the assembly manifest, pass the scope name of the module to GetModule. Otherwise, pass the file name of the module. Assemblies loaded by one of the Load methods that have a byte[] parameter have only one module, and that is the manifest module. Always seek these modules using the scope name.

A type can be retrieved from a specific module using Module.GetType. Calling Module.GetType on the module containing the manifest will not initiate a search of the entire assembly. To retrieve a type from an assembly, regardless of which module it is in, you must call Assembly.GetType.

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