AssemblyBuilder.GetReferencedAssemblies Method


Gets an incomplete list of AssemblyName objects for the assemblies that are referenced by this AssemblyBuilder.

 override cli::array <System::Reflection::AssemblyName ^> ^ GetReferencedAssemblies();
public override System.Reflection.AssemblyName[] GetReferencedAssemblies ();
override this.GetReferencedAssemblies : unit -> System.Reflection.AssemblyName[]
Public Overrides Function GetReferencedAssemblies () As AssemblyName()



An array of assembly names for the referenced assemblies. This array is not a complete list.


This method does not return a complete list of referenced assemblies. For example, if you apply a custom attribute to the AssemblyBuilder, the assembly in which the attribute was defined is included in the list returned by this method. However, if you use a Type object to specify the type of a method parameter, that type is not included.

To get a complete list of referenced assemblies, save the assembly, load it into another application domain, and call the Assembly.GetReferencedAssemblies method.

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