BlobBuilder.WriteCompressedInteger(Int32) Method


Implements compressed unsigned integer encoding as defined by ECMA-335-II chapter 23.2: Blobs and signatures.

 void WriteCompressedInteger(int value);
public void WriteCompressedInteger (int value);
member this.WriteCompressedInteger : int -> unit
Public Sub WriteCompressedInteger (value As Integer)



The value to write.


value can't be represented as a compressed unsigned integer.

The builder is not writable; it has been linked with another one.


If the value lies between 0 (0x00) and 127 (0x7F), inclusive, encode as a one-byte integer (bit 7 is clear, value held in bits 6 through 0).

If the value lies between 28 (0x80) and 214 - 1 (0x3FFF), inclusive, encode as a 2-byte integer with bit 15 set, bit 14 clear (value held in bits 13 through 0).

Otherwise, encode as a 4-byte integer, with bit 31 set, bit 30 set, bit 29 clear (value held in bits 28 through 0).

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