Subsystem Enum


Describes the subsystem requirement for the image.

public enum class Subsystem
public enum Subsystem
type Subsystem = 
Public Enum Subsystem


EfiApplication 10

Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) application.

EfiBootServiceDriver 11

EFI driver with boot services.

EfiRom 13

EFI ROM image.

EfiRuntimeDriver 12

EFI driver with run-time services.

Native 1

The image doesn't require a subsystem.

NativeWindows 8

The image is a native Win9x driver.

OS2Cui 5

The image runs in the OS/2 character subsystem.

PosixCui 7

The image runs in the Posix character subsystem.

Unknown 0

Unknown subsystem.

WindowsBootApplication 16

Boot application.

WindowsCEGui 9

The image runs in the Windows CE subsystem.

WindowsCui 3

The image runs in the Windows character subsystem.

WindowsGui 2

The image runs in the Windows GUI subsystem.

Xbox 14

Xbox system.

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