SafeHandle.DangerousRelease Method


Manually decrements the reference counter on a SafeHandle instance.

 void DangerousRelease();
public void DangerousRelease ();
public void DangerousRelease ();
member this.DangerousRelease : unit -> unit
member this.DangerousRelease : unit -> unit
Public Sub DangerousRelease ()


The DangerousRelease method is the counterpart to DangerousAddRef. You should always match a call to the DangerousRelease method with a successful call to DangerousAddRef.


This method is intended for advanced users and must always be used carefully. To avoid leaking handle resources, always call this method inside a constrained execution region (CER), where a thread abort cannot interrupt processing. In the same way that unmatched DangerousAddRef calls can cause resource leaks, unmatched DangerousRelease calls can cause invalid handle states to become visible to other threads. Do not expose DangerousAddRef or DangerousRelease calls to untrusted code.

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