Formatter.SurrogateSelector Property


When overridden in a derived class, gets or sets the ISurrogateSelector used with the current formatter.

 abstract property System::Runtime::Serialization::ISurrogateSelector ^ SurrogateSelector { System::Runtime::Serialization::ISurrogateSelector ^ get(); void set(System::Runtime::Serialization::ISurrogateSelector ^ value); };
public abstract System.Runtime.Serialization.ISurrogateSelector? SurrogateSelector { get; set; }
public abstract System.Runtime.Serialization.ISurrogateSelector SurrogateSelector { get; set; }
member this.SurrogateSelector : System.Runtime.Serialization.ISurrogateSelector with get, set
Public MustOverride Property SurrogateSelector As ISurrogateSelector

Property Value


The ISurrogateSelector used with the current formatter.



Use the SurrogateSelector to look up implementations of ISerializationSurrogate that control the serialization of a particular type.

If an object type has a matching surrogate, then serialization and deserialization are handed off to the surrogate even if the type implements the ISerializable interface.

Notes to Implementers

You must implement this property in a derived class.

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