X509ChainElementCollection.Count Property


Gets the number of elements in the collection.

 property int Count { int get(); };
public int Count { get; }
member this.Count : int
Public ReadOnly Property Count As Integer

Property Value


An integer representing the number of elements in the collection.



The following code example opens the current user's personal certificate store, allows the user to select a certificate, and then writes certificate and certificate chain information to the console. The output depends on the certificate you select.

//Output chain element information.
Console::WriteLine( "Chain Element Information" );
Console::WriteLine( "Number of chain elements: {0}", ch->ChainElements->Count );
Console::WriteLine( "Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch->ChainElements->IsSynchronized, Environment::NewLine );
System::Collections::IEnumerator^ myEnum = ch->ChainElements->GetEnumerator();
while ( myEnum->MoveNext() )
   X509ChainElement ^ element = safe_cast<X509ChainElement ^>(myEnum->Current);
   Console::WriteLine( "Element issuer name: {0}", element->Certificate->Issuer );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element certificate valid until: {0}", element->Certificate->NotAfter );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element certificate is valid: {0}", element->Certificate->Verify() );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element error status length: {0}", element->ChainElementStatus->Length );
   Console::WriteLine( "Element information: {0}", element->Information );
   Console::WriteLine( "Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element->Certificate->Extensions->Count, Environment::NewLine );
   if ( ch->ChainStatus->Length > 1 )
      for ( int index = 0; index < element->ChainElementStatus->Length; index++ )
         Console::WriteLine( element->ChainElementStatus[ index ].Status );
         Console::WriteLine( element->ChainElementStatus[ index ].StatusInformation );

    //Output chain element information.
    Console.WriteLine ("Chain Element Information");
    Console.WriteLine ("Number of chain elements: {0}", ch.ChainElements.Count);
    Console.WriteLine ("Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch.ChainElements.IsSynchronized, Environment.NewLine);

    foreach (X509ChainElement element in ch.ChainElements)
        Console.WriteLine ("Element issuer name: {0}", element.Certificate.Issuer);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element certificate valid until: {0}", element.Certificate.NotAfter);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element certificate is valid: {0}", element.Certificate.Verify ());
        Console.WriteLine ("Element error status length: {0}", element.ChainElementStatus.Length);
        Console.WriteLine ("Element information: {0}", element.Information);
        Console.WriteLine ("Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element.Certificate.Extensions.Count, Environment.NewLine);

        if (ch.ChainStatus.Length > 1)
            for (int index = 0; index < element.ChainElementStatus.Length; index++)
                Console.WriteLine (element.ChainElementStatus[index].Status);
                Console.WriteLine (element.ChainElementStatus[index].StatusInformation);
'Output chain element information.
Console.WriteLine("Chain Element Information")
Console.WriteLine("Number of chain elements: {0}", ch.ChainElements.Count)
Console.WriteLine("Chain elements synchronized? {0} {1}", ch.ChainElements.IsSynchronized, Environment.NewLine)

Dim element As X509ChainElement
For Each element In ch.ChainElements
    Console.WriteLine("Element issuer name: {0}", element.Certificate.Issuer)
    Console.WriteLine("Element certificate valid until: {0}", element.Certificate.NotAfter)
    Console.WriteLine("Element certificate is valid: {0}", element.Certificate.Verify())
    Console.WriteLine("Element error status length: {0}", element.ChainElementStatus.Length)
    Console.WriteLine("Element information: {0}", element.Information)
    Console.WriteLine("Number of element extensions: {0}{1}", element.Certificate.Extensions.Count, Environment.NewLine)

    If ch.ChainStatus.Length > 1 Then
        Dim index As Integer
        For index = 0 To element.ChainElementStatus.Length
        Next index
    End If
Next element


Use this property to determine how many elements are in the collection.

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